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Energy efficiency and environmental consideration are today’s driving force for ship operators and ship builders alike. Economic pressure and international legislation require a sensitive use of energy resources and a reduction of the associated emissions. The TARGETS (Targeted Advanced Research for Global Efficiency of Transportation Shipping) project aims to provide substantial improvements to the overall ship energy efficiency by adopting a holistic approach towards energy generation, transformation and storage (including unconventional sources) onboard on one side and reduced energy consumption on the other.

Seventh Framework ProgrammeThis will be achieved by the Dynamic Energy Modelling approach which integrates component-based knowledge of ship resistance and propulsion, auxiliary energy transformation and transmission at ship-level. In this way, the simulation of the energy efficiency of a ship (both at design and operational stage) and energy management onboard can be achieved.

The TARGETS project is jointly funded by EC 7th framework programme and the industry.

Latest News

TARGETS – Technology Report

In combination with the Energy Saving Guidelines TARGETS partners also produced a systematic “Technology Report” as a reference for suitable energy saving technologies analysed in the project. The technology report is available here for download.

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Final Public Project Report

The final project report summarises the work performed in TARGETS in a concise document.
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Guidelines for Energy Efficient Ships Published

TARGETS partners have summarised the findings from 3 years developments and set out to publish these through the web site during the next period.
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